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Get a sneak peek at Expert Laser Man

February 21, 2018


Expert Laser Services unveils a teaser trailer of their forthcoming Expert Laser Man videogame.

Last month, The Recycler reported that the company is preparing to launch a new video game in May 2018. The game, entitled “Expert Laser Man”, is designed by ELS’s Executive Marketing Manager, Nathan Dube, and is being produced by video game studio Gorilla Tactics.

The game, which combines a retro style of gaming with rogue printers and artificial intelligence, went into production at the beginning of this month.

Now, Expert Laser Services has unveiled a short teaser video, offering a sneak-peek at what consumers can expect from the game and its high-jumping office hero. As well as providing a source of office-imaging related entertainment, the game also offers players the chance of winning a $500 prize, using a coupon code they will obtain upon the defeat of the game’s main villain, a malevolent robot boss.  

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