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Press Releases

We welcome all news and articles related to the printing and printer cartridge remanufacturing industries.

Send your press release to our news desk at Photos, images, logos, video and audio files and URLs, as well as specific keywords, hyperlinks, anchor texts, categories and tags requirements and instructions to be taken into consideration by our news team can all be included in/attached to your email to us.

Please only use the email address. emails sent to other addresses might be delayed or not forwarded to the news team.

Our news team will review your press release, craft it out, and schedule it for release on The Recycler platform (magazine, website, newsletters etc). Where we receive multiple press releases about the same topic i.e. several product launch press releases from the same company or different companies participating in the same event we will sometimes aggregate those press releases for the benefit of our readers.

Your press release will normally go live within 48 hours of submission, typically around 4pm (UK time) each working day  (excluding weekends and official UK holidays, unless specifically targeted).

The Recycler publishes press releases that are relevant to our global audience and as a service to our subscribers and advertisers. However there is no guarantee whatsoever for distribution of any press release via The Recycler, if it does not match the average quality of the rest of the press releases published on and released via The Recycler platform.  This is determined by our editor at his sole discretion.

Thank you.

1o tips for writing good press releases

Here are ten tips for working The Recycler’s reporters to get your company, products and services in the news:

  1. Lead with the news hook. It’s the best way to catch a reporter’s attention.
  2. Anticipate the “so what?” question. Be ready to explain why a reporter should care about a particular story idea.
  3. Know what a reporter is looking for. Match a story pitch to a reporter’s interest and beat.
  4. Know the magazine. What are the magazine’s key topics? They will mirror what the leaders in the industry are talking about.
  5. Avoid hype. Make sure you can back up any statements you make with facts and evidence.
  6. Use the right formats. Send text in editable Word files and photos as separate Jpegs.
  7. Build a relationship with reporter. Just like sales, building trust with reporters improves chances of getting stories in the magazine.
  8. Find a technology champion in your company. This should be an executive well-versed in the company, the technology and the imaging industry.
  9. Make the fast-turnaround. One of the best ways to keep a reporter calling is to make executives available even on tight deadlines.
  10. Know the communication channels. Send e-mail, and then follow up with a call if needed.

If you would like us to write your press release for you please contact the editor

Submit a press release

To submit press releases for editorial consideration, contact:  +44 (0)1993 899800

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