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You can advertise with The Recycler in several different ways, if you would like to find out more information please use the form at the bottom of the page to request our 2017 media information.

The Recycler Magazine

The Recycler was established in 1992 and covers all aspects of toner and inkjet cartridge recycling. Now, in its 20th year, The Recycler has a strong global presence. The Recycler focuses on giving remanufacturers across the globe vital industry information at their fingertips. Top quality editorial is a major aim in a magazine that keeps to a strict balance between editorial and advertising.

Here are the print ad sizes for The Recycler

 Print Ad sizes
Double Page Spread 273mm (H) x 408mm (W) + 3mm bleed
Junior Spread 164mm (H) x 228mm (W) + 3mm bleed
Full Page 273mm (H) x 204mm (W)
Junior Page 164mm (H) x 114mm (W)
Half Page 117mm (H) x 175mm (W) Horizontal only
Third Page 231mm (H) x 55mm (W) Market Place
Quarter Page 113mm (H) x 83mm (W) Market Place


Here is our publishing schedule  for 2017 – 2018

 Publishing schedule  for 2017 – 2018

Issue Advertising
Publication date
291 – February 13 Jan 2017 27 Jan 2017
292 – March 10 Feb 2017 24 Feb 2017
293 – April 3 Mar 2017 17 Mar 2017
294 – May 31 Mar 2017 14 Apr 2017
295 – June 5 May 2017 19 May 2017
296 – July 2 Jun 2017 16 Jun 2017
297 – August 30 Jun 2017 14 Jul 2017
298 – September 4 Aug 2017 18 Aug 2017
299 – October 1 Sep 2017 15 Sep 2017
300 – November 6 Oct 2017 20 Oct 2017
301 – December 3 Nov 2017 17 Nov 2017
302 – January 1 Dec 2017 15 Dec 2017

Web Advertising

The Recycler website contains breaking news, video, event information and registration. The leaders of the remanufacturing industry access our website on a daily basis as the first port of call for the latest news and information. Make sure you have a presence on this important platform.

Here are the technical specifications for all web adverts

Online Ads

 Display Advertising
 Dimensions Slot Width (pixels) Height (pixels)
Masthead – Right hand side Slot 1 425 90
Big & Bold – Right hand side Slot 2 300 500
Regular – Right hand side  (below slot 2) Slot 3 300 250
Regular – Right hand side  (below slot 3) Slot 4 300 250
Regular – Right hand side  (below slot 4) Slot 5 300 250

Format: GIF, JPG, or Macromedia Flash

File size: 40KB maximum

URL: Please include a URL for your ad to link to.

*Ads due last Wednesday of each month

The Recycler Directory

The Recycler Directory, the leading reference for companies in the toner and ink cartridge remanufacturing industry, is an online interactive directory and a most effective, low cost opportunity to promote your business to the widest possible audience.


Remanexpo, run in parallel to Paperworld, is the biggest trade show for the remanufacturing industry bringing together remanufacturers from all over the globe. Visitor numbers increase year on year, with attendees eager to find out the latest industry developments and forge new business contacts.

Advertise at The Recycler Live Events

Our “Live” events are held in various locations across the world with the aim of gathering together members of the industry and promoting the advancement of the remanufacturing industry.

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