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Expert Space Man saves the day

May 18, 2018

A new short-film project from Expert Laser Services, in partnership with HP, sees Expert Laser Man take to space to save an ailing printer.

An Alchemy Studioz production, the 2:55-minute film was edited and produced by Nathan Dube, Executive Marketing Manager at Expert Laser Services; Dube also composed half of the film’s soundtrack, the other half having been composed by

The video, described by Dube as a “short sci-fi/comedy”, was made in partnership with HP and charts the adventures of Expert Laser Man as he heads into space to the aid of the StarFire 7 international space station, where lieutenant Johnson has found himself in hot water with commander Burke after breaking the station’s printer.

Blending dramatic cinematography juxtaposed with a healthy dash of humour, the film follows in the footsteps of Expert Laser Services’ previous Expert Laser Man movie trailer, featuring the eponymous character from the company’s recently launched video game.

Expert Laser Man is available to play for free via the Expert Laser Services website.

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