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Expert Laser Man hits the big screen?

May 9, 2018

A playful new marketing project from Expert Laser Services imagines what would ensue if the company’s erstwhile office imaging hero transitioned from video game to feature film.

Earlier this year, The Recycler reported on the launch of Expert Laser Man, a video game that is the brainchild of Expert Laser Services’ Nathan Dube, created in collaboration with Gorilla Tactics.

Now, the company has published a new YouTube video online, created by Alchemy Studioz and Nathan Dube Productions, which takes the form of a high-quality 2:44-minute trailer for Expert Laser Man: The Movie…

Unfortunately, despite the dramatic nature of the trailer, it concludes by saying In Theatres Everywhere (Most Likely Never); however, while you sadly may never be able to catch Expert Laser Man in action in your nearest multiplex, you can still play the game – and if you are resident in the USA, you have the chance to potentially win a $500 (€406) cash prize.

The game can be played online for free via the Expert Laser Services website.

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