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Talking toner with Teddy

January 11, 2018

A new web series of cartoons is explaining industry topics via an affable and stylish reptile.

Expert Laser Services have released a series of animated videos called ‘Toner Talk’, taking the form of a talk show discussing various office imaging related subjects. The roughly five-minute videos each deal with a different topic, such as document management software, or managed print services.

The cartoon is hosted by Teddy The Toner Monster, and assisted by the artificial intelligence robot R964, which has a habit of malfunctioning during the show. In Episode Two, the baseball-cap-wearing Teddy talks to Michael VanBuren, a hedgehog-like creature who is also an expert on MPS. VanBuren goes on to host the show in Episode Four, when Teddy is struck down with intestinal worms as a result of food poisoning. The show opens with some soft jazz, and appears to be ‘filmed’ in front of a live studio audience.

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