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Canon’s Philip Brady talks leadership

January 18, 2018

Business and Finance have released a video of a short interview with Canon Ireland’s Country Manager.

In the short video, Country Manager of the OEM’s Ireland division Philip Brady discusses his leadership style, and also comments on the practices of other companies.

“I suppose right sizing is really important,” Brady explains, when asked on how he leads a company, “having the right people in the right place.”

He adds that the key formula, in his opinion, is giving people enough to fit in, and then allowing them to take it from there, citing the key word – empowerment.

“I’d like to feel that the people that work in our organisation are the right fit, [and are] given the empowerment, the training, the skills and the support to actually let them go and do their job.”

Brady also takes time to look at other businesses, stating that his position allows him to gather a good insight into what they do – “and it never ceases to amaze me how other companies won’t change quickly enough.”

Calling them reactive, rather than proactive, when it comes to resources such as capital, head count and locations, Brady opines that “they’re not making the changes up front.”

“If you do them up front, and be proactive about those things, well then it’s a lot easier than when it’s enforced on you.”

You can view the interview for yourself, above.


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