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Ambiente & Remanexpo

26 – 30 Jan 2024, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Bringing together Remanexpo, Office Products, and Working


Only one place showcases the entire diverse consumer goods market. Forward-looking developments and possibilities emerge in Frankfurt. Ambiente is the industry’s most important trade fair worldwide. It opens up a whole range of perspectives for design, trends, and future themes. The fair is broadening its offering with new focal points, highlights, and events. For an overview of all the sectors, look no further than Dining, Living, Giving and the new Working area. It attracts visitors from all your target groups, without exception – from specialist retailers to high-volume buyers to project planners. It is a magnet and the number-one consumer goods business platform – both live and through its digital features. In 2024, Ambiente will be held simultaneously with Christmasworld and Creativeworld for the first time: Home of Consumer Goods. Be there, and you’ll be focusing on your next successes.

Ambiente is Messe Frankfurt’s largest consumer goods show that attracts a global audience of up to 150,000 visitors.


Ambiente Working

As we expand our horizons, Ambiente’s new Working section spans a broad spectrum, encompassing everything from traditional printer and office supplies to forward-thinking home and office furnishings and equipment concepts. This diversity offers boundless opportunities for both our valued visitors and exhibitors.


Introducing the expanded Remanexpo with a dynamic zone concept for this year’s show. The Remanexpo, a longtime staple of Paperworld since 2011, will now have a strategic presence on Level 1 of the Forum Hall, encompassing the Reuse and Distributor Zones. Simultaneously, the Print Plus Zone will be hosted in the Congress Centre. Office-related exhibits will be showcased in the Fest Halle. Furthermore, leading office brands will have their presence on Level 0 of the Fest Halle.

Navigating between these three key locations is at your fingertips, as they are just a few minutes walk apart, especially if you use the  City or  Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage Entrance, next to the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt. Check out the map here.

About Remanexpo

Over the past decade, the Remenexpo product area has evolved from being a market for OEM and remanufactured products to becoming a platform for OEM, remanufactured, and new non-OEM products in recent years. At the same time, office printing is still an €8 billion industry, but the days of rapid introductions of print technology and high growth are behind us. The future is, nonetheless, still full of unique opportunities. The Remanexpo product area represents the market where reuse is at home as well as distribution, new products, technologies, and services. And complimented with the Remcon Seminar programme.

Three Distinct Zones

Our zone concept reflects the evolving market dynamics, where reuse, distribution, and innovative products, technologies, and services vie for market engagement. Each zone boasts a distinct identity, empowering exhibitors to position their businesses, products, and services precisely where they belong.

  1. Reuse Zone: As the core of the EU’s Green agenda, the Reuse Zone spotlights remanufactured printer products, services, and dedicated supplies from exhibitors specializing in the reprocessing of printer materials.
  2. Distributor Zone: Here, you’ll discover distributors, full-service providers, component suppliers, OEM and aftermarket dealers, as well as companies offering a comprehensive array of products and services. This sector supplies parts and components to remanufacturers and new non-OEM producers.
  3. Print Plus Zone: For products and services that don’t fit neatly into the reuse or distributor categories, the Print Plus Zone is the place to be. Explore printer software, 3D printing, new technologies, and more from exhibitors ranging from emerging startups to established industry leaders.

This innovative approach ensures that visitors can maximize their time at the show, efficiently navigate the exhibition hall, and easily locate the products and services they are seeking.

Click here to register as an exhibitor

Present your company at Ambiente Working and Remanexpo

Product groups:

  • OEM remanufactured and new non-OEM products, supplies, and materials
  • Remanufactured printer hardware and consumable products
  • Services and consumables
  • Printer software, 3D printing, new technologies

Present your company and your products from 26 – 30 January 2024 at Europe’s largest international trade fair for stationery, office supplies, and writing materials.  Register now for Ambiente 2024.


Tickets and voucher information

Visiting Ambiente? There are several ways to receive a visitor ticket for the show. You can:

Buy a ticket online:

  • A one-day ticket is €28
  • A two-day ticket is €40
  • A season (five days) ticket is €52

Exchange a day ticket voucher online for a free season visitor ticket worth €52!

Order your voucher code here.

Any questions, please get in touch with The Recycler operations team.

Note:  Your entry ticket is personalised and, therefore, not transferable. It allows you to travel for free on local public transportation provided in the region of the Rhine-Main Transport Association (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund when used together with your identity card/ passport. Entrance tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged according to the general terms and conditions of Messe Frankfurt.  

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