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About Remanexpo

Over the past decade, the Remenexpo product area has evolved from being a market for OEM and remanufactured products to becoming a platform for OEM, remanufactured, and new non-OEM products in recent years. At the same time, office printing is still an €8 billion industry, but the days of rapid introductions of print technology and high growth are behind us. The future is, nonetheless, still full of unique opportunities. The Remanexpo product area represents the market where reuse is at home as well as distribution, new products, technologies, and services—and complemented with the Remanexpo Academy Seminar programme on the 26 – 28 January in the Forum 1 Hall.


Remanexpo Exhibitor List

We have two locations for Remanexpo this year.

FOR 1 is the Forum Hall and is where you will find the Reuse and Distributor Zones.

CMF 2 is the Congress Centre and is where you will find the Print Plus Zone

Ambiente 2024 Exhibitors FOR 1 and CMF 2

3T Supplies AG, Peach DivisionFOR 1B41
(Aster) Jiangxi Yibo E-tech Co., Ltd.FOR 1A70
AO HENG FAT Technology Co., LtdCMF 2F11
Armor Print Solutions SASFOR 1B30
Asconn Print Technology Co., LtdCMF 2E11
Cartridge-Space GmbHFOR 1A30
(CET) Beijing Xintron Office Equipment Co., Ltd.FOR 1B60
CM Technology GmbHFOR 1B31
The RecyclerFOR 1B30
Corte Technology Co., Ltd.FOR 1B11
CROSS Imaging Supplies GmbHFOR 1C56
DELACAMP AktiengesellschaftFOR 1B30
Delightcolor Imagitech CompanyCMF 2F10
Ebest Digital Technology LTDCMF 2B10
Etira Trade AssociationFOR 1B30
Everlight Europe BVFOR 1B30
Geehy Microelectronics Inc.FOR 1C10
General Machines Technology, S.L.FOR 1B40
Guangdong SINO Imaging TechnologyCMF 2A06
Guangzhou Gold Toner OfficeCMF 2FOY19
Guangzhou Zhono Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.CMF 2D11
Handan Hanguang Oa Toner Co., Ltd.CMF 2FOY10
IMEX EU Trading S.r.l.FOR 1B30
Indian Toners & Developers Ltd.CMF 2F02
Inkjet Lee Technology LimitedCMF 2C19
Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd.CMF 2E08
Jiangxi Yibo E-tech Co., Ltd.FOR 1A70
Katun (E.D.C.) B.V.FOR 1B30
Ninestar CorporationCMF 2B02
Pedro Schoeller Printservice GmbHFOR 1A10
Poyraz BŸro Malzemeleri Dis. Tic.FOR 1C51
Print-Rite Unicorn Image ProductsCMF 2FOY02
Printking Technology Co., Ltd.CMF 2A08
Procopier Consumable CompanyCMF 2F09
Qualicom Image Products LimitedCMF 2F01
Retail Inkjet Solutions France SASUFOR 1A60
S.A.P. Shanghai Angel PrinterFOR 1B55
Shanghai Baiyingmei PrinterCMF 2D10
Shanghai Sinocopy InternationalCMF 2B01
Shenzhen CHIP-PRINT Co., Ltd.CMF 2FOY25
Shenzhen PUTY Technology Co., Ltd.CMF 2B08
Speed Infotech (Beihai) CompanyFOR 1B20
Static Control Components (Europe) Ltd.FOR 1B70
TECH Intertrading GmbHFOR 1B50
The Jolly SavageFOR 1A50
The RecyclerFOR 1B30
Top Color (hong Kong) ImageCMF 2A02
Topjet Technology Co., Ltd.CMF 2E02
TOPUS Sp. z.o.o.FOR 1B61
Transpex Image Technology Co., LtdCMF 2B06
UAB NovakopaFOR 1A54
Union Computer Supplies Ltd.FOR 1B51
Vivicolor Printing TechnologiesCMF 2C02
Zhongshan Guangtian CopierFOR 1C71
Zhongshan Kingway Image TechCMF 2D19
Zhongshan Sharingcopier TechnologyCMF 2D18
Zhuhai Aicon Image Co., Ltd.CMF 2D08
Zhuhai Boyeezon Technology Co., LtdCMF 2E07
Zhuhai Elmer Technology Co., Ltd.CMF 2C11
Zhuhai Enlite Technology Co.,ltdCMF 2D06
Zhuhai Gikar Industrial Co., LimitedCMF 2C05
Zhuhai Haiping Office EquipmentCMF 2A01
Zhuhai Haoyinbao PrintingCMF 2E01
Zhuhai Hotsun Electronic Co., Ltd.CMF 2A07
Zhuhai Jialianxin Imaging ProductsCMF 2FOY3
Zhuhai Keplab Printing TechnologyCMF 2D05
Zhuhai KingTech Print Co., Ltd.CMF 2FOY1
Zhuhai Megain Technology Co., Ltd.CMF 2D04
Zhuhai National Resources & JingjieCMF 2D02
Zhuhai Oritone Infotech Co., Ltd.CMF 2D01
Zhuhai Polono Electronic TechnologyCMF 2FOY20
Zhuhai Prime Color Image Co., Ltd.CMF 2FOY23
Zhuhai Suntech Image Co., Ltd.CMF 2FOY15
Zhuhai Teamsung Technology Co., Ltd.FOR 1C75
Zhuhai Ten-print Co., LtdFOR 1C60
Zhuhai Warmth Electronic Co., Ltd.CMF 2B11
Zhuhai ZhongKai Imaging ProductsCMF 2C10
Zixingshi Heshun TechnologyCMF 2C08

The exhibitor list is updated with each new confirmation, so check back from time to time for the latest updated information.

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