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ECS talks climate change

October 18, 2019

Climate change is the latest trending topic being discussed all around the world. Effective Consumable Solutions (UK) Ltd (ECS) have their say on all things green and encourage industry change.

The remanufacturer explained that there is an urgent need for climate action, as the greenhouse gas emissions curve is still not bending, largely due to our current linear (take-make-waste) economy which leads to the production of greenhouse gases, ultimately causing climate change.

ECS said that the industries contributions to greenhouse gas figures could be greatly reduced if only recycling was taken more seriously by a large percentage of industry members. The company referred to the figures which are used time and time again, pointing to the fact that roughly only 15 percent of toner cartridges bought worldwide are reused or recycled.

Director Chris Fink explained that a circular economy provides a ‘complete picture’ of what is needed to tackle the current climate crisis that is upon us. Speaking further on the subject, Fink said: “The Circular economy is designed to benefit the society, the environment and businesses by providing a systematic approach to the world’s economic development.” 

Through recycling, reuse and remanufacturing, ECS are flying the flag for the circular economy and have encouraged other companies to take similar actions, or to use their solution in order to reduce our industry’s impact on climate change.

As far as the circular economy is concerned, ECS’s solution ensures that materials and products are kept relevant and useful, conserving energy and valuable resources while reducing the need for more raw materials to be used in the production of new products, but how do they do it?

ECS’s Operations Director explained: “Our entire solution revolves around providing a green product alongside an end of life solution which avoids negatively impacting the planet. Once we receive cartridges through our award winning recycling scheme; The Greener Side, each cartridge has three options. The majority of cartridges we receive are remanufactured to the standard of an OEM cartridge, enabling the product to be placed back onto the market and used again. If we receive cartridges which we have no demand for, then we will look at alternative avenues and distribute these cartridges to our external Approved Recycling Partners who do have a demand for these cartridges. Any cartridges which don’t fit into the two previous pathways will be shredded and broken down into smaller pieces of metal and plastic. These excess materials will then be sent to metal and plastic recyclers where they can be used in industrial processes to make new products, such as road surfaces. Whether our recycled cartridges are remanufactured, distributed and reused or shredded, we ensure that each end of life solution is a circular process which limits the need for raw materials and encourages reuse where possible.”

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