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ECS confirms commitment to circularity

January 11, 2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) has been reiterating its “long-term dedication” to the circular economy as well as to the reduction of plastic pollution.

The remanufacturer has revealed that the company’s recycling branch, The Greener Side, has been “instrumental for all of their Partners” and has been “improving the industry’s green credentials considerably for the last ten years.”

Director of Recycling, Adrian Lovatt, said, “As well as being a key factor for our success and aiding our ability to function as a remanufacturer, The Greener Side also highlights our dedication to reducing plastic pollution, which is currently a monumental problem. The Greener Side operates on a national scale, and last year alone we recycled over half a million empty toner cartridges, which we were rewarded for by receiving the Best UK Cartridge Recycler award.”

ECS also stated that its role as a remanufacturer is “vital” in the current climate, as increasing pollution and damage to the environment demands a “more circular approach from businesses” based upon a ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ policy.

“Our solution helps both ourselves and our Partners to support the notion of a circular economy by producing and providing high quality remanufactured products to our customers,” said Operations Director, Adam Lighton. “Using ECS products not only provides our Partners with affordable quality that they can rely on, but it also allows them to support us to continue to work towards our goal of a circular economy.”

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