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The Greener Side: a recycling success story

March 12, 2018

Since it was founded, ECS explains that The Greener Side has had clear goals when it comes to finding a solution for the growing problem of accumulated waste electrical and electronic equipment, from toner cartridges to mobile phones, as well as tackling the ever growing, ever increasing landfills that pollute the earth.

Over 65 million toner cartridges are sold every year in the UK alone – 85 percent of which are sent to landfill while only 15 percent are recycled.

“Sending toner cartridges and other single use plastics to landfill can have some pretty disastrous consequences. Nearly all materials that end up as waste in landfills contain toxic substances and produce greenhouse gases which pollute the soil over time. These landfills also produce methane which has terrible impacts on both the climate and the atmosphere, not to mention the countless habitats that are ruined as a result of having a landfill in the first place”, states Recycling Director Adrian Lovatt.

With more plastic being produced year after year, ECS recognised that a different approach was needed from the industry as a whole, with a completely different outlook on the use and re-use of plastic being the main requirement.

“The Greener Side has provided not only ourselves, but the industry as a whole with a clear and concise solution for a problem that has plagued the industry for such a long time, helping not only the environment, but our Partners and their waste compliance too.” states Director Chris Fink.

The benefits of the Greener Side are “unrivalled”, according to ECS, helping the industry to make the planet a better place. Achieving a circular economy has been a goal at ECS since it was founded, the company explains, as “recycling works to aid the remanufacturing process by providing much needed empty, used toner cartridges.

Sharp Business Systems (UK) Ltd have their say on the Greener Side: “There are many companies in the market place that can recycle our waste. However we started working with ECS The Greener side last year mainly because they could provide the detail our clients were looking for as a competitive cost. The service has been excellent but even more impressively we have found when we have requested changes, and in our opinion improvements to their system, they have been willing to accommodate us. We at Sharp take pride in the fact we take a flexible approach to work with our clients so if we can find partners like The Greener Side that have the same attitude it makes it easier for us all to deliver great customer service.”

The Greener Side is designed to provide a recycling solution for photocopier toners, laser cartridges, ink cartridges, mobile phones, printers, laptops and copiers, while meeting WEEE Directive regulations and helping those in need of a recycling service to be compliant with environmental legislation.



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