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New ecolabels for OWA products

October 5, 2018

Armor has announced that nineteen products in its OWA remanufactured laser cartridge range have received new eco-labels.

As a result, Armor explains that OWA “is now the only brand that can boast three different eco-labels: Nordic Ecolabel, NF Environnement, and Blue Angel.”

The company also states that its products are “tried and tested as a result of draconian specifications” and Armor institutes “continuous quality controls at each stage of the manufacturing process”.

Laser cartridges that feature the Nordic Ecolabel “generate less waste and consume less energy and fewer raw materials.”

The issuing of NF Environnement “entails limiting the product’s impact on the environment throughout its life cycle” and ensures that the product “must also comply with environmental and usability criteria.”

Finally, German eco-label Blue Angel indicates “that toxic waste emissions per item are controlled and limits are strictly complied with”, thereby ensuring “a reduction in waste products and conservation of natural resources, as well as stricter compliance with health and safety standards at work.”

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