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ARMOR’s Arctic-infused new ad campaign

February 20, 2018


The French remanufacturer’s latest advertising campaign for its OWA range of recycled and recyclable products features an adorable Arctic animal.

Dedicated to the production of recycled and recyclable products which offer “a real and tangible way of reducing your environmental footprint”, ARMOR explains that its OWA brand contributes to “less waste and helping to preserve natural resources.”

In keeping with the company’s ethos of raising environmental awareness “without moralising or assigning blame”, ARMOR has opted to adopt a polar bear as the mascot of its new ad campaign. The “key visual” is the polar bear giving an OWA product user a hug, in line with Owa’s use of the “free hug” phenomenon.

ARMOR explains that a “complete communications package is being deployed”, which includes a video and advertising banners.

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