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ARMOR’s OWA brand featured in short film

February 23, 2018

The Nantes-based remanufacturer has revealed that a short film about its OWA brand of recycled and recyclable products has been broadcast on RTL7 Doe Maar Duurzaam.

The video aired on the Dutch channel is one minute in duration and features OWA-ARMOR’s General Manager, Frans Hondmann.

Hondmann explains about the “two sides” of the industry – the manufacturers who produce the printing consumables and the businesses like OWA, which use recycled cartridges – although, as he points out, not all cartridges can be reused. Those that can’t are disassembled to make the most of their raw materials.

As a result of this reuse and recycle policy, OWA helps companies reach their CSR targets via “a very linear” process, consisting of production, use and disposal, as well as the circular process of reuse.

In this way, CSR goals are met, and companies can also reduce their printing costs.

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