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Armor Netherlands is hiring

October 25, 2018

The Dutch branch of Armor, located in the Breda Area, is seeking a Sales and New Business Development Manager.

The company has announced the position online, saying it is seeking a Sales and New Business Development Manager to work out of its Etten-Leur office.

Armor explains that the person who is appointed to the role will be responsible for ensuring new deals and revenue growth, increasing the sales of OWA printing services, and making the most of whatever commercial opportunities arise.

The company is seeking a potential candidate with “creativity and strong commercial drive”, as well as good networking skills, the ability to work well as part of a team, and the ability to respond “quickly and strategically” to market developments. 

The new Business Development Manager will be implementing Armor’s OWA Print Services program via IT resellers, as well as targeting sales directly at business end users. He or she will also be contributing to “strengthening the brand position of OWA in the Netherlands.”

The ideal candidate must be college educated, have a minimum of 5 years’ relevant work experience, and a proven track record in new deals and revenue growth, among other achievements.

Armor invites interested applicants to get in touch by emailing or calling 076-20 15 990.


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