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New seizure and forfeiture order issued

April 3, 2018

A seizure and forfeiture order has been issued against Calstar regarding certain inkjet supplies and components which are under a general exclusion order dating back 7 years.

In legal documents viewed by The Recycler the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection stated that it had informed the United States International Trade Commission that it deemed the issuing of a seizure and forfeiture against Calstar to be “appropriate”.

This was following an attempt by Calstar to import the aforementioned inkjet supplies, covered by a general exclusion order issued in January 2011, to the United States. Customs denied entry to the supplies, and “provided [Calstar] with written notice of the aforesaid exclusion order and the fact that seizure and forfeiture would result from any further attempt to import the articles into the United States.”

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