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Keep focused ECS urges

February 11, 2020

ECS urges the industry to keep circular economy “within touching distance” as new build cartridge threat increases.

On their return from Paperworld 2020 having won both remanufacturer and collector of the year awards. Etira member, Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) were keen to announce that their pursuit of a circular economy will continue throughout 2020 and beyond, but also expressed concern following this year’s market fluctuations and what they saw at this year’s exhibition.

ECS explained that new build cartridges have become even more prominent within the industry than before with more being available on the market and thousands being returned through their collection scheme every single week. CEO Felicity Rabbitte said that their fears were confirmed at the Paperworld exhibition with “more new build cartridge stands on show than ever before.”

Director Chris Fink added “New build cartridges go completely against everything that remanufacturers and recyclers like ourselves have worked towards. These cartridges cannot be remanufactured and use raw materials each time a new one is produced, therefore leaving no other suitable end of life option for these cartridges except for them to end up in a landfill. Not only this, but new build cartridges can also negatively impact the reputation of remanufactured toner cartridges.”

ECS explains that the biggest challenge for the remanufacturing industry in 2020 will be to encourage consumers to make an environmentally informed decision when buying products with remanufactured cartridges and parts being the optimal choice.

In December, Print-Rite Europe’s CEO Steve Weedon commented in his “A very inconvenient truth” “I can assure you [the Print Rite Group] does not make SUC compatibles. Ours like the OEM are able to be remanufactured using standard parts and supplies.  Ours like the OEM are available to be remanufactured if collected and recycled for reuse.”

Research published by The Recycler shows the sales of new OEM and non-OEM cartridges accounted for 73% of cartridge sales in 2018 and the reuse market accounted for 27% of cartridge sales.

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