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2020: A new perspective?

November 26, 2019

As 2020 opens up new challenges we take a look at where is the market today and its future direction of travel.

In October (2019) HP Inc (HP) announcement that it was going to move away from their long established “razor and blades” business model of selling printers at a loss to make profits on supplies. Indeed, it has been the de facto business model for most printer manufacturers.

A few weeks later the US research firm Actionable Intelligence published a free white paper “Premium Compatibles Poised to Fundamentally Change Third-Party Printer Supplies Market” this white paper charts the evolution of the premium compatible cartridge and its potential impact on the market. At 36 pages it is too long to reproduce here, but you can download it here.

Then there is the audacious bid by Xerox to acquire HP Inc and as we went to press that M&A soap opera is still ongoing.

Ahead of the Remanexpo / Paperworld show at the end of January, The Recycler editorial team has taken a dive into where the market is today and the potential challenges ahead.

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