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September 17, 2019

Edition 322 of The Recycler is now available online with our latest features exploring modern MPS and HP’s firmware war, all wrapped up in our new refreshed design.

In our latest edition, we share with you insights on happenings at Clover, HP’s firmware wars and how Amazon is looking to use blockchain against counterfeiting.

Monitoring printers is no longer for large and medium companies, there are no more technical excuses not to monitor the printers of all customers. Just the certainty that soon all of them will be monitored by one company: yours or your competitor. Antonio Sanchez Navarro, Head of Nubeprint, gives an insight into the new device monitoring solutions. Read more on page 4.

Also in this edition, ITDL’s Chairman and Managing Director, Sushil Jain comments on toner manufacturing and the unrealistic expectations of ever lower prices. Read the Toner: The Quality v Price Conundrum feature on page 34.

Of course, we also continue to report on the latest news and happenings in the industry so this issue is also packed with news and latest developments.

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