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HYB and Daiken forge new partnership

January 9, 2019

Credit: Twipu

HYB has announced that, following “a fruitful discussion”, the company has entered a strategic partnership with DAIKEN CHEMICAL CO, LTD.

As a result of this new alliance, HYB (full name, Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co, Ltd) has become DAIKEN’s authorised toner distributor for the global market.

DAIKEN has been in business since 1951, specialising in “distinctive research to develop different kinds of chemicals”, as HYB explains, with its core business centred around the bulk production of colour toner for use in imaging devices.

According to HYB, DAIKEN is “glad” to welcome HYB as its new distributor, which should help “drive the growth of the business for both parties.”

Osamu Minokawa, Sales Manager at DAIKEN, along with the rest of the company’s management team, has “a high expectation” of this new partnership, which is described as “another piece of positive news for HYB.”

Indeed, HYB has been no stranger to positive outcomes in recent months, as in 2018 the company was able to report various fruitful business developments, among them the naming of new distributors in Zimbabwe and Italy, as well as the unveiling of a new multi-functional hall in South America, and a Ministry certification awarded by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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