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HP’s Joseph talks carbon footprint

September 3, 2018

HP’s Subin Joseph (Credit: Awani Review)

The OEM’s Vice President and Head of Office Printing Solutions for Asia Pacific and Japan, Subin Joseph, has given an interview elaborating on HP’s attempts to reduce its carbon footprint “without sacrificing performance or quality.”

In the interview with Awani Review, Joseph explains that HP takes its sustainability role “very seriously,” adding that “this starts from the source. We take into consideration what the product takes and gives back to the environment while designing the product itself.” He calls this “our design philosophy,” and adds that HP’s R&D has “over six thousand patents under the unit, with a lot of focus on energy-saving technologies to help reduce environmental impact.”

“We know that creation and generation of power is a big drain on the world’s resources,” Joseph says.

In the course of the interview, Joseph also gives an example of HP’s work in this regard. “We have taken the core of the toner in the printer and created a low melt core,” he says. “This ensures that the printer now uses 53 percent less power compared to any other printer in the same specifications – by letting the toner melt in a much less temperature.”

Joseph also praises HP’s Design for Environment (DfE) programme, which was launched in 1992 with the ambition of coming up with technologies to improve energy efficiency, material innovation, and recyclability, and the OEM’s new technology, the Page Wide Array Technology, which is said to “drastically lower carbon footprint compared to conventional printers”, through its more minimal use of packaging and easier upgradability.

Addressing one of the biggest environmental challenges of today, Joseph also elaborates on HP’s Supply Chain Responsibility Programme, which has “enabled HP Inc. to use recycled plastics in over three billion toners and cartridges that we have shipped. This translates into around 75,000 tonnes of plastics that we have taken and recycled.” To read (and watch) the interview in full, click here.

In June, HP launched its Sustainability Report 2017, which revealed that the OEM has recycled over 271,000 tonnes of its hardware and supplies, since the beginning of 2016. To read an interview with HP’s Director of Global Sustainability Operations, Dr. Kirstie McIntyre, pick up Issue 310 of The Recycler – out now!

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