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HP’s Olson talks customer appeal

April 3, 2019

The OEM’s General Manager and Global Head of HP Home Printing, Anneliese Olson, has given an interview to CRN in which she explains how HP is pushing to corner the millennial market.

Speaking at the company’s recent Reinvent 2019 event, Olson revealed that HP had redone its customer segmentation, in order to study the many different kinds of segments, in terms such as students, small businesses, and the gig economy – “all up and down the gamut, really bringing the customer lens and the customer journey to our partners.”

“Partners are who we are all about,” Olson explained to CRN’s Diana Blass. “Eighty-seven percent of HP’s business is led by channel partners and they’re a very important part of the equation for us to deliver to end users.”

Throughout the interview, Olson also reflected on what customers were looking for from a printer, and how HP went about discovering exactly that. She told Blass that the OEM “went out about two years ago and talked to about 22,000 customers around the world. We took that new segmentation lens and talked to customers about why they print.”

Chief among the answers given were such reasons as managing and organising, growing and learning, and creating and personalising. Olson relayed that HP took those insights and reflected them in its product offerings. “This resulted in us bringing three pillars of innovation: Design, experience and simplicity,” she said.

Olson gave the example of HP Tango, which the OEM describes as “the world’s first smart home printer.”

“From there,” said Olson, “we continued to roll out the line-up and that kind of smart aspect of things is really where you start to see our features and solutions change.”

To watch the interview in full, click here.


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