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HP’s Brasher on print reinvention

April 9, 2019

HP’s George Brasher.

George Brasher, the Managing Director of HP UK and Ireland, has spoken to TechRadar Pro about the four years since the division of the OEM, and what the future holds for the print business.

The interview begins with Brasher discussing the separation of HP Inc. from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), which he calls “a great success,” as it allowed HP Inc. to focus particularly on the printing business, “investing all of our R&D back into innovation across our portfolio.”

Over the course of the discussion, Brasher is also asked about the recurrent threat of data breaches, and what action HP is taking to “help turn the tide” against cybercriminals.

“HP is reinventing security from the hardware up,” says Brasher, “and our security is embedded both below and above the Operating System, making it truly resilient. Security has always been one of our key research areas and our dedicated global security research function, HP Labs, has been operating for decades out of Bristol.”

Brasher continued: “The role of HP Labs is to discover risks and create protection before they become industry norms, and to develop new industry standards that advance protection in an ever-changing threat environment. Collaboration is also key – which is why in October 2018 we became one of the first companies to commit to a new IoT Code of Practice with the UK Government. We see it as our responsibility to help other companies commit to making the world a safer place, both on and offline.”

The wide-ranging interview also takes in HP’s response to the digital skills gap, and its status as a founder signatory of the Tech Talent Charter, and the HP Elite x3, and its 3-in-1 approach  to enterprise mobility.

Brasher is also asked about HP’s Instant Ink programme, which launched in 2013, which he terms “a groundbreaking new as a Service model.”

“It was an unheard-of model for consumers when we launched it, with the monthly fee based on the number of pages printed, not on the amount of ink used,” Brasher elaborates, saying that the programme is “going outstandingly well, especially in the UK, and we are seeing retention rates of over 90 percent – customers are huge advocates of the service and don’t leave it.”

As well as Instant Ink, Brasher ponders the Device as a Service business model, which he says “has brought clear advantages” to customers, including “rapid deployment, lower one-time outlays and scalability and for vendors, the opportunity to foster long-term relationships and predictable annuity streams.”

“It takes the stress out of acquiring, deploying and managing technology,” Brasher asserts. “It’s undoubtedly the way forward.”

In closing, the HP man is asked if he believes there will still be a role for printing in the business of the future, replying that in his opinion, “the print business is going through a renaissance and a reinvention.”

“At HP we’re reigniting home printing with new devices and services from HP Instant Ink to our HP Tango and Sprocket printers that are being bought by millennials,” he says, adding that “for businesses, we’re seeing an acceleration in contractual managed print services.”

“One thing that’s for sure is that the future of print is sustainable. At HP we’ve just announced our pledge to make every HP printed page Forest Positive, Carbon Neutral and Part of a Circular Economy.”

“That makes me very proud,” he concludes, “and it is the future of print.”

To read the interview with George Brasher in full, click here.

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