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Flexible and efficient: the 21st century workforce

March 12, 2018

(Credit: Samsung Printing Solutions)

A recent article by Samsung Printing Solutions explores the millennial requirement for a fluid working environment, enhanced by efficiency-enhancing technology.

Citing the results of two surveys by American Express and Ranstad, the article reveals that 75 percent of US millennials believe their working environment should be both “flexible and fluid” and that 61 percent “now expect to choose agile work opportunities by 2019.”

As a result, businesses are likely to find that “a culture of flexibility is essential if you want to attract millennial staff”, with the article explaining that this is much easier to accomplish if companies have hardware that operates “within a highly customisable ecosystem.”

Using Samsung’s Smart UX Centre allows business owners to “fine-tune your devices with a range of downloadable apps and widgets, creating more effective workflows that do not require your staff to spend most of their days manning their workstations.”

Improving the mobility of technology is also a must, and is made simpler through the implementation of the Mopria Print Library-certified Samsung Print Service, which “comes pre-installed on a range of Android handsets, and is a quick and easy download”. David SW Song, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Printing explains, “More than half a billion users can enjoy mobile printing with the Samsung Print Service, regardless of their printer brand, without having to install additional software or taking any additional steps to set up a printer connection.”

Also enabling staff to customise their workflows on the move are apps such as the Smart UX Mobile app and the Dynamic Workflow app, both of which can be of benefit to mobile millennial workers.

When it comes to printing, innovations such as the SendAnywhere for Printer solution allow employees to “share files in real-time using either WiFi connection or cellular networks, without the need for a cloud”. Similarly, Samsung Cloud Print “offers management options for documents, images and other files”, and because it uses one-time tokens, requiring user authentication to work, this form of technology ensures that business data “always stays safe”.


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