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HP Inc CEO discusses Samsung acquisition

March 16, 2018

Dion Weisler, President and CEO of HP Inc

In an interview with ‘Mad Money’ presenter, Jim Cramer, HP Inc’s Dion Weisler elaborated on the benefits of his company’s multi-billion dollar Samsung acquisition.

Weisler explained that the deal “will give HP Inc access to a $55 billion (€44.7 billion) market”, explaining that until now the company was currently merely “playing in” half of the $110 billion (€89.4 billion) market and that the acquisition now gave them access to the remainder.

HP Inc is currently performing favourably, having achieved its “fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth”, which Weisler described “affectionately” as the “double double.”

The OEM’s most recent financials logged a 15 percent increase in the PC business and 14 percent growth in printing.

“It’s really off the back of incredible innovation, hyper-segmentation, cost control and just making the PC cool,” Weisler told Cramer.

However, while the PC market may be thriving, the future of the 3D printing market seems “less clear”.

“The 3-D printing market isn’t gigantic yet,” Weisler said. “It’s only a $5 billion (€4.006 billion) market. The potential is to tap into the $12 trillion (€9.7 trillion) manufacturing industry because it is a much better mousetrap: lower inventory, just in time, manufacturing democratised, less shipping all around the world, less cost of capital tied up, for all sorts of reasons.”

“3-D printing is just a question of when, not if,” the CEO told Cramer, going on to say that HP’s highly patented technology enables the OEM to print “10 times faster at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.”

Weisler cited personalisation as a key factor in the company’s “product strategy” with regard to both printers and computers.

“Customer insights are really important and getting into the psyche of how people really want to operate. We live in a three-dimensional world, we’re tactile in nature, so being able to interact with your devices and making them highly personalised is really important,” Weisler said.

“We’re giving customers, through innovation, a reason to purchase, to be able to touch, to be able to listen, to be able to interact with a device that’s beautifully customised for each of the market segments that we go after.”

You can watch the full interview here.



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