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Common document management fails to avoid

March 26, 2018

Samsung Printing Solutions has compiled a list of the four most common document management mistakes and offered tips on how to avoid them.

With this tax year drawing to a close and a new one soon to commence, the article explains that it is now the ideal time to “take a closer look at how your business is allocating its resources and managing expenses”. It then goes on to describe the four most frequently occurring mistakes which businesses can make.

Mistake Number One: failing to go digital

Physical documents, unsurprisingly, take up a great deal more room than digital ones, so “it may be time to start reclaiming your workspace’s real estate by digitising more data. Samsung explains that MFPs, such as its ProXpress M4560FX, offer “myriad solutions designed to help offices streamline workflows by harnessing the power of digitisation.”

Mistake Number Two: make the most of automation

Automating repetitive tasks can help streamline your business processes. Samsung’s recently updated Business Core Suite of printing solutions “features a range of intuitive tools designed to make workflow automation and document distribution as simple as possible.”

Mistake Number Three: limiting your employees’ mobility

If a business’s employees have “to be tethered to their workstation whenever they need to print, it can severely limit employees’ overall efficiency”, which is why many companies these days are “increasingly embracing mobile printing solutions that enable their employees to manage” their printers using mobile devices.

Mistake Number Four: opting for the toss, not the shred.

As the article explains, proper document management includes the correct disposal of documents, even more than their arrangement and maintenance.

Documents containing sensitive information should be shredded, rather than tossed, to completely eliminate the risk of them falling into the wrong hands.



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