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Cartridge World offers SMBs advice

November 12, 2018

In an effort to help small business owners reduce common tech mistakes, Cartridge World is offering their top insights for tech success.

Whether businesses need help with learning how to optimise printer settings or install a protective firewall, Cartridge World says its “network of more than 300 stores are known as the local experts here to help.” With this goal in mind, the company is offering a number of helpful tips to assist SMBs in fulfilling their tech potential.

  • Upgrade Your Wi-Fi – Everyone, whether a corporate customer or not, knows just how frustrating a Wi-Fi crash can be; particularly when you are trying to send an important email, give a presentation, or upload important documents, etc. Upgrading your Wi-Fi, says Cartridge World, is one of the simplest ways to take office technology to the next level and ensure less hiccups. Furthermore, states CW, SMB should be sure to place routers as close to computers as possible for optimal strength and speed.
  • Invest in a Multi-Function Printer – Whatever the function of a small business, Cartridge World comments, “odds are printing, scanning and copying documents are taking place, and there is no need to have three different machines to handle each of these tasks.” By investing in a multi-function printer, SMBs will gain all of this functionality in one device “while increasing efficiency and saving space.”
  • Explore Money-Saving Options: The company says, “Small businesses can further explore budget-saving printer options such as Cartridge World’s ‘Why Buy A Printer?” program to ensure quality equipment while not breaking the bank. This program allows for companies to receive a business class printer(s) and multifunction devices with all printer maintenance and on-site service included at no additional cost in exchange for the purchasing of toner cartridges at Cartridge World.”
  • Increase Security Firewall – Most small businesses have anti-virus software, but according to Cartridge World, this should not be their only protective measure. With 1 in 3 Americans having been victim to hacking in the past year alone, Cartridge World says “it’s now more important than ever to protect your business. To keep sensitive work documents and communications safe, add different smart internet firewalls to your space to help ensure safety.”
  • Evaluate Laptops/Desktops– With the average lifespan of desktop computers and laptops being woefully short (three to eight years for a desktop, two to five years for a laptop), if your device is slow, lacking space to store files and is a hassle to install the latest software, it’s time to invest in a new system.
  • Invest in a Backup Drive – “To ensure the safety and protection of important documents, operating systems and programs,” says Cartridge World, “invest in a backup drive to give your small business piece of mind. Be sure to keep this equipment up to date as this vital tool does have a finite lifespan.”

“At Cartridge World, we understand that running a small business is no easy task, which is why we want to help owners and entrepreneurs any way we can,” said Mark Pinner, CEO of Cartridge World North America. “With technology now a vital part of running a business, Cartridge’s Worlds experienced and impartial staff is committed to helping owners and employees prevent complex tech issues from occurring, but are ready to be of assistance when they do.”


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