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Cartridge World offers SMBs outsourcing advice

February 13, 2018

A recent company blog provides three reasons why small-to-medium businesses should outsource their printer service.

As Cartridge World explains, while printers are usually more reliable than MFPs or office copiers, “they too have their moments”, and although big businesses usually have “the time and talent” to solve the issue, SMBs may find malfunctioning printers more of a burden.

This is why, according to the company, “more and more small businesses are outsourcing printer service.”

The blog goes on to offer three reasons why this is a sound business decision.

1. Outsourcing helps avoid costly downtime

As 39 percent of all businesses processes still require paper documents, any downtime caused by a malfunctioning printer “can be costly.” By outsourcing printer service to a trained professional, who can offer preventive maintenance using “sophisticated diagnostics” found on newer models of printer, SMBs can be “confident” that any issues can be predicted before they occur.

2. Reduces the distraction of your employees

The blog explains that, with 27 percent of all IT help desk calls being related to printer issues, outsourcing will help reduce the wastage of staff time spent trying to fix it, or waiting for it to be fixed, or finding another printer in the office that can print any required documents.

3. Outsourcing offers printer longevity

With the “life span of any device” being dependent to a great extent on how well it has been maintained, through “simply maintaining your printer properly”, the blog states that “your business will be able to extend the life of any printer and reduce the capital or operating expense required to buy or lease” one.



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