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Featured Exhibitor: ARMOR SAS

December 10, 2019

Hall 6.1 Booth B81

ARMOR, a European market leader in the office imaging consumables market, will be showcasing their unique OWA brand new fully closed loop printer cartridge solution that uses circular 100% committed principles applied to printer cartridges. ARMOR will also be showcasing their comprehensive range of WECARE Inkjet cartridges that cover more than 90% of installed printers.

OWA is a unique, fully closed-loop printer cartridge solution that uses circular 100% committed principles applied to printer cartridges. OWA is about remanufactured printer cartridges enhanced by a range of services that ensure they receive proper end-of-life processing, with a reduced environmental impact. Thanks to perfect industrial management and the effectiveness of the system, OWA can guarantee its customers high print quality, optimized print costs per page and a reduced environmental footprint.

Used cartridges are collected and enjoy a genuine second life, either as remanufactured cartridges or useful new products made from recovering dismantled materials.

WECARE inkjet cartridges, you and your customers will enjoy the services of a significant European brand, able to deliver care, technical support, constant innovation, and excellent value for money. The WECARE inkjet range covers more than 90% of installed printers and benefits from a partnership with the major worldwide manufacturer, and from ARMOR full control of inks development and manufacture, and are submitted to our strict Quality Specifications to guarantees optimum quality.

ARMOR have launched a new brand to further strengthen the connection with its customers and society. Thus the message on its new packaging: ARMOR. This is how the company connects with you: ARMOR keeps the range up-to-date, guarantee its quality and take care of the environment.

ARMOR was founded in 1922 in France and is an international industrial group expert in printing technologies and ink chemistry, counting seven activities including five new technologies of Industrial Coding & Printing: Thermal transfer consumables designed for people and property protection through product traceability. Office Printing: reducing the environmental footprint of printing by offering ingenious and responsible consumables. Beautiful Light: Flexible, light and semi-transparent organic photovoltaic films designed to develop access to solar energy. Films for Batteries: Current collectors improving the safety, performance and durability of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. Industrial Ink: Develop innovative inks to provide solutions to new industrial demands. 3D: Solutions for additive manufacturing needs making use of tailor-made 3D materials and Advanced Coating: Improve human interface with connected objects by producing films for haptic actuators able to vibrate.

Visit the ARMOR team on booth B81 to discuss our range of premium quality products. To make an appointment ahead of the show please contact:

Tom Strähnz, Managing Director – Artech GmbH, at
Bob Reynolds, Sales Director Corporate Market – Armor, at
Frans Hondmann, General Manager – Armor bv, at

Vouchers for visitor tickets at the event, which runs from 25 to 28 January in Frankfurt, Germany, can be ordered for free by visiting the link here and filling in the information.

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