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ECS announces Copyclic as French distributor

November 1, 2018

The UK-based remanufacturer has revealed that Copyclic will be its sole distribution partner in France.

Copyclic is said to be the largest distributor of remanufactured toner consumables and parts in France, and under the terms of the new agreement, it will gain complete access to ECS’s entire range of remanufactured, original and compatible consumables across all manufacturers.

Effective Consumable Solutions explained that Copyclic are “the ideal company” to enter into a distributor agreement with, “not only because they are respected as the number one independent distributor in France, but because they share similar values and the drive to be successful.”

In a further parallel, Copyclic has recently expanded its warehousing and distribution capacities, while ECS has introduced an entirely new production site. ECS states that “both companies’ intentions for the future are clear,” with the agreement solidifying “the successful relationship that has brought both companies to where they are now.”

ECS Director Chris Fink added: “We are pleased to add an internationally recognised supplier such as Copyclic to our portfolio of distributors. Copyclic has grown successfully year on year, having been a long-term Partner of ECS, to the point where they are now the most respected distributor in France, therefore we are delighted to have come to this agreement which will be hugely beneficial to both companies.”


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