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ECS highlights benefits of Atom software

July 9, 2018

The South Yorkshire based remanufacturer described Atom as a ‘professional industry game changing application’ and said that the aim of the software is ‘to help all ECS Partners to reduce their costs and streamline daily business operations.’

The company also revealed that Atom is being used by hundreds of partners, and is in action across thousands of locations throughout the UK. The distributor described Atom as the key to the remanufactured solution that they provide, and a massive contributor to their position as a UK leader in the consumable aftermarket.

Director Chris Fink explains Atom’s uses further; “Atom is our own software that we offer to all partners. It works in harmony with The Greener Side to deliver our partners with hidden sales opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to gain access to. Ultimately, Atom helps to strengthen your business by arming your sales team with highly valuable data.”

ECS also spoke of the compliance and security that Atom is able to provide for their partners. The remanufacturer pointed out the various legal obstacles and obligations that companies in the toner industry must face as another reason for Atom’s success, and described one of Atom’s main advantages as the compliance and peace-of-mind that the software provides to its users.

Adam Lighton, Director of Operations and one of the creators of Atom reveals how the software works: “Using Atom, we have the power to provide you with real-time data into your customers’ waste streams, which will help you to identify hidden sales opportunities & provide your clients with all of the cartridges that they use. There could potentially be hundreds of other devices in the location where you have a device on contract which an MPS system won’t pick up on. Atom can help you to acquire this information.”

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