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Become an ECS distributor

August 13, 2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) continues its search for new partnerships through its distributor scheme and has issued a reminder that they are still open to applications.

ECS explained that the benefits of joining their authorised distributor scheme include complete access to their award winning products as well as the opportunity to gain full exclusivity in a specific area, region or country. ECS’s focus on providing quality, performance and reliability throughout their entire product range was a huge contributing factor to their remanufacturer of the year title.

The Remanufacturer of the Year explained that further benefits of the scheme include having access to a huge range of high quality alternative photocopier and laser printer cartridges, all of which are proven and tested to ensure they meet ISO standards and are RoHS, REACH and COSHH compliant. The remanufacturer also provides an entire range of OEM stock across all major manufacturer brands.

Director Chris Fink said: “All ECS Distributors have access to our entire range of award winning products. Not only do our authorised distributors gain products that are guaranteed to perform, they’re also gaining an entire portfolio of products that come with an extremely strong reputation that has been built over many years.”

The remanufacturer explained that they can also provide full marketing and IT support as part of their authorised distributor agreement.

For further information please contact ECS at

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