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ECS wins prestigious award

August 9, 2018

United Kingdom-based Effective Consumables Solutions has been named Best UK Cartridge Recycling Specialist at the Business Innovator Awards 2018.

The South Yorkshire-based remanufacturer is responsible for recycling service The Greener Side, which processes and remanufacturers over half a million toner cartridges every single year.

The company said that their award-winning recycling scheme is key to their success, while being at the forefront of the campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle all waste and helping to transform the industry’s credentials.

“Our recycling service is the best in the UK,” explained Director Chris Fink. “We recycle and remanufacture all of our cartridges here in the UK, which is what sets us apart from other recyclers. There’s little to no waste, almost everything maintains its’ value, and importantly, everything stays here in the UK. We already take pride in being the number one recycler within the UK, and this award is yet another step in the right direction.”

“It’s great to be recognised for the work that we put in, and it will certainly motivate us to do more,” added Recycling Co-Ordinator Adrian Lovatt. “Half a million cartridges a year is nothing to be laughed at, however, roughly 65 million new cartridges are made and sold every single year, while 85% of them are likely to be sent to a landfill, whether it’s in this country or abroad.”

The remanufacturer and recycler insisted that tackling the current plastic problem and achieving a circular economy are their main priorities. The Greener Side has helped the company to take steps towards accomplishing both of these goals.

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