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ECS’ CEO announced for CRN’s Women in Channel Awards

June 24, 2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) has revealed that CEO Felicity Rabbitte has been selected for the CRN Women in Channel Awards 2019 in the Woman of the Year category.

Effective Consumable Solutions explained that the women in channel awards is a fantastic way for their individual team members to receive recognition for their hard work, commitment, and dedication to the copier and print industry.

The remanufacturer spoke highly of Felicity regarding her positive influence on each and every ECS member, as well as all external stakeholders. ECS stated that Felicity has remained a core component to the company’s success since their inception over ten years ago, as well as a key driver of major relevant change within the industry.

Fellow Director Adam Lighton commented on the news and explained that “Felicity has led Effective Consumable Solutions to what it is today; the number one remanufacturer of toner cartridges in the UK. This is all the more impressive considering the lack of female owners and leaders within our industry.”

This recent news adds to an impressive list of other achievements, nominations and awards that the remanufacturer has received over the last 12 months, including their Remanufacturer of the Year award and the individual Rising Star award for the company’s Marketing Coordinator.

Only last week, ECS revealed that Recycling Coordinator Lauren Rabbitte has been chosen for the CRN Women in Channel Awards Rising Star category.

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