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DocuWare releases version 7.2

November 1, 2019

E-stamps, e-invoice display, streamlined configurations and integrations are among the new features that benefit DocuWare users in this latest version.

“User feedback combined with results from our own rigorous R&D form the roadmap when planning DocuWare updates”, said Co-President Dr. Michael Berger. “At DocuWare, we believe that digital document management and automated workflows achieve widespread adoption only when they are part of a solution that places as much emphasis on user friendliness as it does on excellence in technology. DocuWare version 7.2 is evidence of this,” concluded Berger.

DocuWare version 7.2 highlights include:

  • User-friendly environment with easier reviewing and archiving and faster keyword searches:
  • XML-based invoices are automatically displayed in a reader-friendly version similar to a PDF to support XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.0, FacturX and FatturaPA standards
  • Archived documents are displayed in the Viewer.
  • Table fields are enhanced with title optimizations and auto-calculation of decimal columns
  • Enriched keyword fields accept multi-keyword indexes with ability to affect multiple documents in parallel
  • Deeply enhanced Workflow Designer enables higher efficiency with new options to reduce manual touch and increase trackability of workflows:
  • “Wait for event” option allows users to configure in advance but delay a workflow until related documents are processed
  • Metadata on any workflow documents can now be automated
  • Lists in workflow dialogue boxes can be filtered so employees quickly see only their tasks
  • Users can configure workflows to identify which fields get transferred to a stamp so that only relevant information appears on the document
  • Workflow history displays the current task and allows users to see which step is being executed at any given time
  • Simplified configurations, updated Autoindexing and direct integrations ensure speedier movement of documents through workflows:
  • Stamps are integrated directly into DocuWare Configuration in a new, intuitive design, eliminating extra steps needed in previous versions and offering massive time-savings for those configuring or administering DocuWare
  • DocuWare Request and Connect to Mail have completely new designs to elevate usability
  • The field type “Date” is now a powerful new match code for Autoindexing

DocuWare Version 7.2 is available in cloud and on-premises versions. As always, DocuWare provides feature parity between deployment options to support the diverse IT ecosystems of its customers. Updates to 7.2 can be made from version 7 or 7.1.

Customers are advised to contact their authorised DocuWare partner to implement this latest version.

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