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DocuWare launches version 7

June 11, 2018

DocuWare, a provider of cloud-based document management and workflow automation software, has launched DocuWare version 7, described as “the next generation in performance, stability and scalability.”

Having made “significant improvements” to the platform as well as adding “advanced new features”, DocuWare version 7 “continues its lead in the cloud with its fourth-generation cloud architecture.”

As the company explains, the entire platform was optimised for performance, scalability and stability to support large organisations while delivering significant improvements to the user interface. In addition to new Active Directory support and handling of significantly more simultaneous users, the interface is measurably faster. For example, Docuware states, searches are quicker by 50 percent, archiving by 35 percent, data indexing by 75 percent, a new workflow engine provides more rapid and reliable workflow processing.

“We are very proud of this next generation cloud platform. Our team has worked harder than ever to deliver a version with many benefits for our customers,” says Michael Berger, Chief Technical Officer “The significant user interface improvements, along with brand new capabilities, make it the best tool in the marketplace for delivering real efficiency and productivity to knowledge workers,” adds Berger.

The new milestone version also includes enhanced information capture. This includes automated indexing upfront for more precise information processing in downstream workflows. DocuWare Forms also offers significant enhancements such as flexible layout options, progressive input displays, and improved field validation. Connect to Outlook now uses intelligent archiving to avoid duplicate entries, improving data integrity and database efficiency.

Comprehensive system enhancements include export of CSV files at all system levels to support auditing, compliance measurements and analytics. A more performant workflow engine allows for easier control of workflow tasks, and a new mobile client introduces an improved architecture and user experience for document retrieval and task completion on the go.

DocuWare version 7 also introduces the foundation for DocuWare Kinetic Solutions, cloud-based, preconfigured workflows for common business processes like invoice processing and employee management. These application-like deployments of DocuWare Cloud significantly reduce professional services time while also allowing for a much faster onramp and therefore higher productivity, according to the business.

DocuWare President Juergen Biffar sees DocuWare version 7 as another breakthrough for the company. “By consistently using state-of-the-art architecture and technology, we are able to offer customers the very best cloud solutions. “Cloud First” will continue to be our strategy. We are extremely excited about the new generation of capabilities and performance that is now available to our partners and customers.”

DocuWare version 7 will also be available as on-premises software. DocuWare Kinetic Solutions are only available through the cloud.


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