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Complete document management in the cloud

July 26, 2018

DocuWare announced cloud-based, preconfigured DocuWare Kinetic Solutions.

Building on the company’s leading cloud technology and business process expertise, DocuWare Kinetic Solutions are preconfigured workflows for common, document-centric business processes.

With simplified implementation and an intuitive user experience, this next generation of content services offers a fast path to productivity for any size organisation. The first two solutions to hit the market: invoice processing and employee management, with more to follow.

By preconfiguring content organisation, roles, workflows and other settings, DocuWare provides customers the full power of a content services platform through faster, application-like deployment.
Two solutions are available immediately.

DocuWare Kinetic Solution for invoice processing captures, routes, processes and archives incoming invoices to expedite payment, minimise manual touch and securely organise documents.

DocuWare Kinetic Solution for employee management centralises, secures and shares employee documents related to recruiting, onboarding, performance and more.

“We are seeing three signals in the market,” said DocuWare President Juergen Biffar. “First, because of its attractive economics and simplified IT impact, there is escalating demand for cloud services versus traditional on-premises software. Second, functional utility is not enough – clear, intuitive usability is now expected. Third, companies are more inclined to deploy a narrow, departmental solution versus trying to configure complicated, legacy software. Enterprise-focused software that requires lengthy and complicated professional services is witnessing softer demand.”

Both solutions help organisations stay secure and compliant, including support for HIPAA and the GDPR.

“Our customers receive a preconfigured, ready-to-use product that optimises their processes from day one,” adds Jürgen Biffar, highlighting the unique aspects of DocuWare Kinetic Solutions. “We focused features and processes that matter most to companies for the quickest path possible to success.”

DocuWare is developing additional solutions for future release.

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