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Canon terminates Print-Rite investigation

October 18, 2018

Legal documents viewed by The Recycler reveal that the OEM has filed a motion to terminate the USITC investigation into Print-Rite Holdings Ltd.

Following Canon’s admission in September 2018 that Print-Rite’s PR3 products do not infringe any of the patents involved in the USITC investigation, the OEM has filed a motion to terminate the legal proceedings.

The legal documents explain that Canon had only become aware that Print-Rite had not “been involved in any allegedly unlawful acts” following the launch of the USITC investigation.

Representations by Print-Rite’s counsel revealed that Print-Rite had not had any involvement in such activity since “at least 29 August 2017, which is the earliest date of issuance among the patents asserted by Canon in this investigation.”

The documents state that the termination of the investigation into Print-Rite “is in the interest of the public and administrative economy”.

Subsequently, Canon has “respectfully” requested that an initial determination be issued regarding the termination of the investigation.

Speaking in September, following the OEM’s admission of no infringement, Print-Rite stated, “With Canon’s confirmation, our clients would have the freedom to continue to import and/or to sell these confirmed PR3 products without any concern of any remedial orders in this case in the future.”


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