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Canon files Korean patent infringement complaint

March 12, 2018

The OEM announced this week that it has filed a patent infringement-related lawsuit in Korea against a toner cartridge distributor.

Canon Inc. has announced the filing of a complaint with the Seoul Central District Court of Korea against Tonet Inc., which sells and distributes toner cartridges through its own website and other open market websites, according to Canon.

The lawsuit alleges infringement of Canon’s Korean Patent Nos. 10-1182006 and 10-1101654.

Canon stated that it “has reasonable grounds to believe that certain models of cartridges sold on the Korean market by Tonet Inc. infringe the Patents.”

The OEM went on to say that the purpose of the claim is to stop these infringements and to collect damages for patent infringement in accordance with Korean law.

This lawsuit is the latest in a slew of patent infringement complaints filed by the OEM, which include 32 separate lawsuits scattered across the USA. 

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