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Canon concludes Korean patent dispute

July 3, 2018

The OEM has announced the conclusion of its patent infringement case against Tonet Inc., which was filed in the Seoul Central District Court of Korea in March 2018.

Canon Inc. has announced that the Seoul Central District Court of Korea concluded the patent dispute against Tonet Inc. (“Tonet”) by mediation.

In the mediation decision, Tonet admitted to have infringed Canon’s Korean Patent Nos. 10-1182006 and 10-1101654. Tonet is obligated to cease sale and distribution of the toner cartridges models “HP CF280X”, “HP CF280A”, “HP CE255X”, “HP CE255A”, “HP CE505X”, “HP CE505A”, “HP CF287A”, “HP CF226X”, “HP CF226A”, “HP CE255X/CRG324II”, “HP CE255A/CRG324”, “HP CE505X/CRG319II/CF280X”, “HP CE505A/CRG319/CF280”, “HP CF350A 4-pack colour toner (CF350A, 351A, 352A, 353A)” and “HP CE310A 4-pack colour toner (CE310A, 311A, 312A, 313A)”.

Tonet has offered and distributed those toner cartridges through its own website, named Officeaid, and other open market websites.

Furthermore, Tonet has agreed to render information and accounting about the offer and distribution of said toner cartridges, to pay damages to Canon and to destroy any of the above mentioned products in its possession or property.

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