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Xerox begins job layoffs

August 20, 2018

The OEM is cutting back its IT positions in offices across the USA and Canada.

Westfair Online reports that roles being dispensed with include software engineers, systems engineers, programme managers, finance managers, and support staff, although no official figure has yet been provided.

“Every decision is a difficult one, and we understand the impact on individuals,” said spokesperson Bill McKee.

Channel e2e adds that the level of layoffs is small enough to not require specific disclosure to the Labour Department.

The news of the cutbacks follows recent reports that Xerox spin-off Conduent is also trimming back its staff, with the Denver Post relaying that 410 workers from the New Jersey-based telecom company are being made redundant, due to “a change in business conditions.”

It’s not only Xerox that is having to reduce its workforce, however, with Channel e2e also reporting that Ricoh is cutting back 1,000 management positions across Europe, with Lexmark making the same number of redundancies this year across its operations. The Kentucky company explained that the restructuring was necessary, “to align its workforce with its strategy to ensure the company’s future success.”

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