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Windsor lay-offs for Konica Minolta

October 19, 2018

The OEM is closing its two locations in Windsor, Connecticut, with the expected loss of 219 workers. reports that the company is set on permanently closing its facilities at 500 Day Hill Road and 550 Marshall Phelps Road by the end of September next year, in order to consolidate operations at its New Jersey headquarters.

In April, the OEM announced that all 431 employees will be laid off from July, with the latest confirmation that 219 workers will be made redundant by December this year.

That figure includes 18 billing specialists, 14 support associates, 11 account specialists, and 11 sales administrators, according to the notice filed with the Labour Department.

The filing also reveals that workers in Windsor are being offered jobs in either New Jersey, or other Konica Minolta locations in Milford and Shelton. Employees are not covered under a collective bargaining agreement.

Hartford Business approached the OEM’s general counsel, Brian J. Cupka for comment, but none was provided.


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