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WEEE recycling sector meets in Spain

November 12, 2019

Photo Credit: Material Eléctrico

Recyclia held the EcoEncuentro 2019, an annual meeting bringing together the sector dedicated to the management of WEEE in Spain.

As Material Eléctrico reports, the meeting was held on 5 November at the Rafael del Pino Auditorium in Madrid and was attaended by Hugo Morán , Secretary of State for the Environment as well as 200 attendees involved in management of WEEE in Spain.

The European Commission set an objective of managing 450,000 tons of of electrical and electronic waste in 2019 (150,000 more than in 2018).

Recyclia was pointed out as a leader by Morán and told attendees how Ecolum (Recyclia’s environmental foundation) contribute to Recyclia being one of the largest manager of electrical, electronic, luminaire and battery waste in Spain.

Material Eléctrico writes: “Morán defended the need for collective systems to continue expanding their collection networks and launching awareness campaigns aimed at improving selective collection.” He also highlighted the importance that “online commerce meets the same obligations as the traditional one, in regard to the collection of used devices.”

Morán spoke about eradicating fraud and unfair competition by those who do not comply.

José Pérez , CEO of Recyclia in his talk, spoke about the company’s 55,000 collection points, how the company grew by 39 percent in 2018 and collected 49,757 tons of WEEE. He expects the company’s collection network to grow to 59,000 this year.

Emilio Ontiveros, professor emeritus of Economics at the UAM also presented at the event and talked about various environmental initiatives.

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