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New OEM platform to aid recycling

March 13, 2018

A collection of coalitions representing OEMs has unveiled a new online information service aimed at helping processors better recycle devices.

The service, known as the Information for Recyclers (I4R) Platform, provides resources to help OEMs recognises components that should be separated for different recycling treatment, reports E-Scrap News. An EU law already exists, which requires manufacturers to give information to recycling companies on the best practice for each device on the market.

The new I4R platform will be “one-stop shop of information” and will “allow for improved communications between producers and processors.”

Pascal Leroy, the secretary general of WEEE Forum, one of the organisations that helped create I4R, said that the platform will provide “easily accessible information about the presence of batteries, printed circuit boards or plastics containing brominated flame retardants in e-waste.”

Other contributing parties included the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers, representing appliance makers, and DigitalEurope, an electronics manufacturers’ trade association.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, DigitalEurope’s director general, said: “We wish to drive solutions to this problem, and the I4R platform is key to better inform managers in the recycling industry and to train workers on safety issues. By providing information at product group level, the I4R platform will help recyclers to optimise sorting where applicable.”


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