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The cost of unreliable printers

September 19, 2018

A new blog by Print Audit explores the subject of printer reliability and what it can mean for your managed print offering.

“Margins for managed print, especially programmes that employ Cost Per Page billing, are under attack,” the blog starkly begins. However, increasing the cost per page price is not always the answer. Instead, Print Audit, argues, you must become “as cost-effective as possible.”

Part of this involves using valuable resources – including your staff – more efficiently, beginning with making sure your devices are as reliable as possible. Good reliability reduces service calls and therefore increases cost-effectiveness.

With this is mind, Print Audit is “actively working” on its Device Reliability Dashboard, in order to “help dealers understand which devices are the most reliable.”

The dashboard contains data from over a million and a half devices, including more than 2,700 printer models, and 304 billion pages. Key elements, according to Print Audit, include: The top 10 most reliable printers (as ordered by having the lowest critical errors per 1,000 pages – currently the top 10 have 0.00009 or fewer!); the top 10 least reliable printers, which average 11 to 35 critical errors every 1,000 pages; the top 10 reliable manufacturers, based on the reliable device ratings above; and the top 10 least reliable manufacturers, organised in the same way.

The dashboard is available to Print Audit Premier Members, and will also be offered as a subscription service. The company stated: “At Print Audit, we continue to do more to ensure that they get an edge above their competitors. Understanding which devices are most reliable can have a dramatic impact on lowering the costs of running a managed print program and give you valuable dollars back to your bottom line.”

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