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Cartridge World tackles common problems

March 27, 2018

Cartridge World has published a new blog detailing the three most common problems with business printing, and what the solutions are.

The blog is particularly focussed on business printing problems, rather than home printing ones, which are labelled “general inconveniences.” At business level, it declares, “the implications of inefficient printing can be much more far-reaching and expensive.”

The first problem the blog mentions is an overrun IT department, claiming that between 40 and 60 percent of calls to a business’s IT helpdesk are printer-related. “Most IT employees should be focusing on larger issues – from network security to optimising servers and workflows,” the blog reasons, suggesting that the solution is to free your helpdesk from having to deal with printer problems. To do this, you should find a print provider whose MPS package includes an onsite service and technical support.

Secondly, Cartridge World’s blog argues that overspending is another key problem, claiming 90 percent of businesses simply don’t know how much they’re spending, and are therefore likely to be spending too much. The reasons for this could be ordering from more than one vendor, using OEM brand cartridges, careless printing, or toner delivery fees. In response, the blog suggests that you consolidate vendors, to save both time and money, and in doing so make sure your vendor’s toner delivery fees are proportionate. Similarly, it recommends implementing an office print policy “to reduce wasteful printing”, citing a statistic that claims print volumes fall by 10 percent when people believe their printing is being monitored. It also recommends switching from OEM cartridges to high-quality alternatives, as a cost-saving measure.

The final issue given by the blog as one of the most common is a “lack of knowledge and awareness when purchasing a printer”, which it says can lead to an unsuitable printer being installed, and as a result, “inefficient and expensive printing.” It advises “asking the right questions” at purchase stage, to make sure it is right for what you need it for, and gives the example that inkjet printers are best for low-volume colour printing, whilst laser printers “are usually preferable for higher print volumes.”

Furthermore, the blog recommends getting rid of printers you don’t use, which could “save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs alone. Make sure you understand your needs and aren’t wasting money and space on equipment you never use.”

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