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Easily extending your printer lifespan

October 25, 2018

A new blog from Cartridge World has offered a septet of tips on how to ensure a long life for your printer or copier.

The blog notes that copiers, printers, and MFPs are “complex devices, that can wear out and break down over time” – especially in the absence of “a little TLC.”

Among the tips suggested by the blog is training the users – making sure that your staff know what they’re doing when using the machine. “A little training goes a long way towards improved productivity,” according to Cartridge World.

Secondly, buy your machine based on your specific output – there is no point in buying a printer that will never be able to cope with the demands you place on it. Additionally, the blog recommends keeping it clean, particularly the glass and the paper trays. Cartridge World calls dust “the enemy of every device,” and you should take steps to ensure it keeps its distance from your machine.

Sharp objects, such as scissors of paperclips, should also be kept at arm’s length from your machine, since the glass can easily be scratched, and “even the smallest scratch can affect output.” Cartridge World recommends checking both the machine and your document for dust or sharp itmes before use.

Further tips include turning the machine off when not in use (or at least turning it into hibernation mode), and proper End of Life Care – such as removing the hard drive, erasing any residual data, or retrieving any confidential information before disposal.

To read the blog in full, click here.

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