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Seminars and more at Paperworld ME

February 28, 2018

The regional trade show’s maiden seminar schedule got off to a flying start on Day Two in Dubai.

The second day of Paperworld Middle East at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre brought the first round of speakers on the event’s seminar schedule, a new innovation for the UAE show.

After the show’s opening, David Connett, industry veteran and partner at Connett & Unland GbR, had the honour of becoming Paperworld Middle East’s inaugural speaker; he delivered a well-received seminar entitled ‘Why remanufacture?’, in which he examined and explained the benefits of remanufacturing across a variety of industry sectors. 

David Connett addressing the audience during his seminar.

The focus then turned global, with Connett’s seminar being followed by a pair from Navad Hasan, the Associate Editor of Africa Business Pages and Business Guide Africa. Hasan’s first seminar was titled ‘The market for stationery and paper products in Africa; the growing packaging industry in Africa’, and featured an in-depth look at the changing shape of the industry on the continent.

After a short break, Hasan returned to ask ‘Why Africa?’, during a seminar in which he dispensed advice on how companies could increase their sales in the African market. The seminar was then followed by a lively panel discussion and Q&A session, which concluded a well-attended first day of the schedule.

Navad Hasan.

Other highlights of a busy second day included the crowning of the winner in the 2018 Wrap Star speed-wrapping contest, following the third and final round of competition.

Tomorrow’s third day of the trade show will see the resumption of the seminar schedule, when speakers will include Esmod Dubai’s CEO and Co-Founder Denis Ravizza, who will deliver a brace of seminars, ‘Introducing Leather’ and ‘The Esmod Incubator’; Ravizza will be followed by the SP Jain School of Global Management’s CEO, Professor Christopher Abraham, who will speak on the future of the leather industry, before a second seminar from David Connett, discussing the global office print market, its key players, major OEMs, and IP issues, including a specific look at the market in the Middle East.

For a full seminar schedule, click here.

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