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Ninestar seeks South American distributors

August 9, 2018

The company is searching for distributors for its G&G-branded products in various countries on the continent.

In a post on LinkedIn, the company announced it was looking for distributors in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico.

The post explained that G&G can offer potential distribution partners “a one-stop professional printing solutions provider and a well-known brand,” as well as the advantage of “first-to-market profits, [to] keep you first to profit.”

Furthermore, distributors could look forward to “comprehensive marketing support” from the company.

Ninestar’s relationship with its distributors was highlighted earlier this year when it hosted 70 partners from around the world for its 2018 G&G EMEA Distributors Conference, which included a series of discussions and workshops, culminating in a sightseeing tour to the River Elbe.

The company’s search for an Argentinian distributor follows a dispute over unauthorised resellers in the country. In February of this year, Ninestar successfully clamped down on an unauthorised distributor of G&G products in Argentina, with the company saying at the time: “For now, Ninestar has no authorised distributors or agents selling G&G brand products in Argentina. No G&G brand products are provided to any local distributors or agents in Argentina by Ninestar. Products purchased from unauthorised sources cannot be guaranteed to be genuine.”

In 2016, the Latin American ink market was estimated to be worth $2 billion (€1.7 billion), with Brazil and Mexico leading the region’s growth.

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